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Image by Matteo Grando

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction (or spiritual accompaniment) continues a tradition of practicing deep, sacred listening in community. It's a time for us to pay attention to how you engage with spirit/uality, and to listen for how and where that leads you to move in the world. I consider spirituality a dimension of our wellbeing where we look at meaning and purpose. It's the practices and the observations that weave space between ourselves, the world and everything that leaves us wondering.

People often come to spiritual direction when:

  • navigating or marking major life transitions

  • discerning changes or ways to use our gifts

  • curious about new spiritual practices, or wrestling with old ones

  • looking for an ongoing space for reflection, exploration and accountability that is less about problem-solving and more about diving deeper into your unique experience, questions and gifts

So what do we actually do?

Typically, we'd meet one-on-one for about 50 minutes, once or twice a month or so. I am available to connect via Zoom or in-person in Denver.

Our time could begin with some form of grounding exercise, prayer, ritual or silence. Then we'd engage in some conversation about what you're noticing in your spiritual life and how you might explore or grow further in it. Ideally, you'd leave with some of your own insights or questions to linger on, or a practice or prompt to experiment with until we meet again. You would be committed to your own forms of spiritual practice or reflection between meetings; spiritual direction isn't the primary place where the work happens, it's where we examine and tend it.

Spiritual direction is less about solving a specific problem, working through a behavior change, or planning towards a goal. That may come up, but other forms of care work may be better suited to that if that's your primary objective (which I'm happy to discuss and refer out to). It's not about "discipling" or theological training, though we may learn some things together.

About fees

I suggest a contribution of $50-$100, and this exchange is based around the intention of making spiritual care accessible and resonant for a variety of people. I tithe a portion of this toward supporting other BIPOC communities of care and learning. I will share further details when we connect individually.

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